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ClutterBlasters is a woman-owned and managed business dedicated to helping you with your estate sale, downsizing, or moving sale by de-cluttering and organizing so you can use more of your talents without being distracted by clutter or bothered by an overwhelming situation.


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Estate Sale - May 30, 31 Jun 1

Crystal, China, Clothing, Crafts, Fire-fighter Collectables, Garage, Jewelry
 Knick-Knacks, Office, Patio, Quilting, Sewing, Wood Carvings, & Yard Art
Whitehall Drive, Dallas, TX  75229

"Preston Hollow"
East of Webb Chapel Road and south of Forest Lane
North of Royal Lane and west of Marsh Lane

City regulations limit Estate Sale signage, so please use your GPS or the map.

Map to Neighborhood: http://bit.ly/2VBPTCa


Please be courteous and avoid blocking neighbors' driveways or mailboxes.


                        9:00 AM – 5:00 PM  Thursday (5/30) - (0 to 20% Off most items)

                        9:00 AM – 5:00 PM  Friday (5/31) - (30% to 40% Off most items)

                        9:00 AM – 4:00 PM  Saturday (6/1) - (50%++ Off most items)

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    This week we have a great sale in the Preston Hollow area of Dallas.  This single story home is larger than most and packed with lots of interesting items by acquired by these world travelers.  You’ll find some nice “signed” & “collectablewood carvings from all over the world.  We have some nice framed art along with a wide variety of clocks including a grandfather clock with Asian designed case, Coo-Coo Clocks, assorted hanging clocks, and assorted mantel clocks.  There are more than 20 clocks distributed throughout the house.  All clocks were working well until the owner stopped winding them about six months ago.  There is a set of Mid-Century Modern Leather furniture, along with Fire-fighter Collectables; a Leonard Luna 1920’s Wood Fire Truck a Dallas Fire Hydrant, awesome cut crystal, lots of unique collectables, some great silk flower pictures, and a few handmade quilts.  We have some nice costume jewelry and some sterling jewelry along with 50-state coin collection in a nice box.  We also have a nice vintage pattern of sterling flatware - Frontenac 1903 by International service for 12.  (Inquire near checkout).  We have many unusual collectables and vintage items throughout the house along with gently used and well cared for everyday items.  We serve only one customer at a time on fine jewelry and small collectables, so we encourage you to come early for the best selection located in the checkout area.  We limit the number of customers in the house and will distribute sequential numbers on cards to those waiting to enter.  We’ll use the same numbers for fine jewelry located at check-out.  Thank you for your patience!

   Living Room / Check-Out – features; three awesome vintage evening bags and a large toy Fire Truck (1920’s); with hook and ladder, three resin fire-fighters, steam engine which is a rare Leonardo Luna Sculpture.  It’s in excellent condition.  We have a vintage Eskimo all dressed up in bear clothing with his vintage wood smiley face and big eyes and wood feet (stand).  The above items are highly sought after, and we encourage you to come early and get better selection.  We have a nice wood spoon display with glass front.  There are also some sterling collectable spoons.  On the walls near checkout we have nicely framed art and lots of interesting wall art.  There are two matching brass lamps with shades (BNI) that are sitting on two identical side tables.  We have two different crystal based lamps with shades (BNI) which are sitting on some awesome tables (they do not match).  There are also some vintage books on being a fire-fighter and a statue of a fire-fighter.  We have a large carved bear and a small cub looking up a tree (real cute and quite heavy).  There is a Mid-Century peach/pink love seat, couch and matching ottoman.  There is a 50-state coin collection in a nice box.  We also have a nice vintage pattern sterling flatware set - Frontenac 1903 by International service for 12.  There are other flatware odds and ends flatware as well located at checkout.  There are shelves near the fireplace with more wood carvings and other interesting items.  We have a cute coffee table with a double beveled edge oval glass top that sits on a whimsical bear playing (lying on its back).  There is an awesome Asian case / style grandfather clock along with a very nice lighted curio cabinet with figurines.  We have lots of clocks, some very nice paintings, and more figurines around the fireplace.  There is so much to see in this room that you’ll probably want to spend a little more time at this sale.

   Entry Hall – features three fur coats: a vintage dark brown mink jacket, a very nice red fox jacket, and a nice medium brown mink stole.  All three furs are in good condition.  We have some Mickey Mouse theme ties as well as four matching mirrors with whimsical borders.  We have a few interesting umbrella / cane stands.  Some are carved, some are colorful, and others are more traditional.   We have a carved wooden stand with two whimsical canes / walking sticks, a tall shepherd’s walking stick, and another carved walking stick with a bear head on top.  The hallway features some very nice decorative smaller mirrors and other smaller hanging items.  We encourage you to come early for these items.

   Dining Room / Collectables – features an awesome Thomasville double pedestal oval table with two leaves and a set of table pads that match the shape of the table ends.  There are six matching side chairs.  There are separate baskets of costume jewelry (much vintage).  At least half of the earrings are either clip-style or screw-back-style earrings.  There is a sewing table with one end that flips up.  There is a nice tufted off-white upholstered vintage chair.  There are two great clocks in this room.  There is linen and napkins for the great oval table along with a few very nice table runners.  On the large oval Thomasville table are nice serving dishes including a covered cake stand, many items of cut crystal, a large collection of spoons, various serving utensils, and some awesome Pink Hob-Nob stemmed glasses.  We have a set of Noritake Bone China Dishes in Pacific Majesty.  And we also have an awesome set of Regal China from Japan.  Both sets are in excellent condition.  The table is loaded with lots of crystal glasses and serving dishes, and we encourage you to come early for the best selection.  There are wood puzzles scattered around the table along with some cutting knives and steak knives.  We also have some cute ceramic animals and a Roman Gladiator with horse-drawn chariot that is awesome. 

  We also have two five-shelf lighted display units with mirrored backs.  They are larger than average and have beveled fronts with doors on both sides.  Both units are packed with some of the larger wood carvings.  We have some nice porcelain dolls and a few other small dolls.  We have a great three-door hanging display unit with mirrored back.  We have a matching Thomasville four-door lighted hutch.  It is awesome and solid wood like the matching oval table.  Inside the hutch we have crystal and etched glasses, a few plates, and some interesting figurines.  We also have a tufted blue fabric Victorian chair in great condition.  There are also two matching reproduction lawyers’ book cases in great condition (purchased from Weir’s).  On these shelves we have stages many of the remaining wood carvings.  The wood carvings are from faraway places, and some are very unusual.  The wood carvings are absolutely awesome, and some are signed.  There are also some interesting books on the lowers shelves that you may be interested in.  There are also two boxes of full of ceramic trinkets in assorted forms: flowers, animals, people, buildings, plants, etc. 

   Kitchen / Eating Area – features a large box of cookie cutters, a very nice vintage crock pot, and some cute bar / shot glasses, there are a few cookbooks as well.  We have a folding shelf, four matching large floral bowls, and a set of four blue glass containers (each is a different size).  There are many kitchen gadgets and interesting serving dishes.  We have a wooden chair that converts into a step stool.  We have several sets of flatware (different amounts), and some corning ware with covers.  There are some pots and pan along with a nice vintage tea pot in good condition.  We have a nice stainless Sunbeam mixer and a nice can opener along with a rotisserie oven.  On the wall is a thick hook rug from the Dallas Fire Department (a wonderful find).  An even rarer find is a Gamewell Fire box (pull down for fire).  There is a window sill full of bottles with etched butterflies.  There is a great oval table (hand painted) which holds all sorts of tea pots and pitchers.  There is a box of blue glasses (assorted sizes) and a box of Anchor Hocking glasses and small dishes.  There are two coo-coo clocks in the kitchen.  There is a nice set of Casa Verde Terra Cotta Tableware (made in Portugal) in a great shade of green (Microwave, oven & dishwasher safe.).  There is a nice set of hand painted flour, sugar containers in four sizes.  We also have a great wood salad bowl with six serving dishes.  On the hand painter fold drop leaf kitchen table

  We have a small set of Royal Daulton Blueberry dishes (dishwasher and microwave safe).  There are also some Animal Collection Warren Kimble plates.  We have a great display / curio cabinet with rounded glass sides, two glass doors, and four glass shelves.  This is a beautiful piece, and we expect it to sell early.  This cabinet holds lots of interesting pieces like a set of stemmed orange / red glasses, some blue glasses, some pitchers, a cake plate, and figurines.  We have a box of cookie molds and a nice painted white small book case.  This case holds lots of interesting knick-knacks as well.  There are lots of wall display units with really cute items in them.  It’s a must to come early if you like miniatures.  There is another painted ivory table with more interesting items.  The kitchen table also has four chairs that are painted to match the table. We have two pairs of different designed chairs it’s a very interesting combination.  We have an absolutely beautiful pane of glass with frosted glass fish – it’s a wonderful piece of art.  There is a nice vintage record player and record storage cabinet.  It has a pull out shelf for a record player and the storage below for records - a nice unit.  There is a double-shelf rectangular wood table.  It houses a nice light and a mid-century lazy Suzanne.  We have a nice vintage dresser / storage cabinet with drawers and a nice double-door/sliding-door three-shelf curio cabinet or book case.  Inside this cabinet are some interesting knick-knacks.  There is some very nice wall art around the kitchen and eating area including an electric wall clock.  There is a wonderful chopping block / rolling cart with three shelves.  It is all wood and is in excellent condition.  We encourage you to come early for the best selection. 

   Front Bedroom / Office – features a nice roll top desk and a padded arm chair.  There is an executive upholstered arm chair on casters.  We have lots of puzzles and a Full Headboard and Footboard with rails and frame.  The wood is in great condition.  There is a nice safe with working combination lock.  There is some interesting wall art and a nice desk lamp.  We have a box of CD’s and two large containers of 33-RPM Vinyl Records.  There is a HP Office Jet 7210 “All in One” combination Printer-Scanner-Fax.  We also have a Savage Port a Stand with travel bag.  There is a vintage doctor’s examination portable table with adjustable ends and locking feet.  We have a window and sill mirror with florals.  There is an HP slim line computer with windows 10 Home Edition, a wide screen View Sonic monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers.  It all works well.  We also have some office items and a vintage typewriter.  There is a lot staged in this room, and we encourage you to come early for the best selection.

   Front Corner Bedroom / Sewing & Quilting – features many colorful painted and decorated chairs.  We have some nice wall art and two tall book cases.  We have lots and lots of hobby, quilting and crafting books.  Some are hard cover and many are soft cover.  There is a lot of fabric that will be sold in various sizes - small, medium, and large pieces.  We have a nice five-shelf open display with some interesting knick-knacks.  There are some interesting tins that are for sale as well.  We have a sewing machine cabinet with no machine and we have a portable sewing machine called Nicchi Alco.  There are two large containers of batting and a rattan child’s rocker.  We also have a serving cart that has drop leaves on each side a single drawer and a bottom shelf.  There are a few sets of adjustable frames, a small box of cute animals, and a large box of new projects.  We also have a box of patterns.  We have a wide variety of items on the walls.  There is a really cute painted side table and a very cute hanging curio with doors.  This room is packed with interesting items so come early for best selection.

   Middle Bedroom / Crafts – features a long built in table with all sorts of knick-knacks and paints, lights and more.  The garage also has a great assortment of craft paints as well.  This room has clocks and a nice desk lamp.  There is a bin of wood (crafting) items that will be priced separately.  We have various bottles of glue, fabric stiffener, fabric glue, and a lot more.  There are two nice hanging racks.  We have a small size desk with drawers.  We have a shelving unit with very cute hobby items.  There is a peg-board with crafting accessories.  This room also has a variety of painting books including Origami.  There is a nice assortment of paint brushes.  We encourage you to come early for the best selection.

   Master Bedroom / Boutique – features an awesome cedar chest (it’s large) and a smaller hump back chest full of sheet sets.  There are two rack of women’s clothing.  We have two arm chairs and a two-seater bench that has been painted to match.  There is another corner chair as well.  There are about two dozen pairs of ladies shoes.  We have bras, gloves, scarves, and purses.  There is a great tapestry on the wall and even clocks in this room.  We have a very nice smaller coffee table.  There is a nice well-made vintage dresser with mirror and a matching night-stand.  We have some really nice lamps with shades (BNI), and some interesting painted ivory.  We have quilts, blankets, toppers, and spreads.  There is dark leather-like recliner and an electric lift/recliner chair.  It works well and is very comfortable.  There is another very nice end table / night-stand, and a nice quilt rack.  There is also a large box of “depends like” panties.  There is another vintage two-door unit with shelves.  Above this piece is another wood-framed mirror.  We have some heads with wigs and two lamps that appear to be vintage.  The master bathroom also has some interesting items.  Over the counter items and some make-up, a lighted mirror, water picks, soaps and a nice shower curtain with hooks.  There is a replica wall telephone and a nice painted small table.

   Large Double Garage – features lots of crafting paints.  Be sure to come early for the best selection.  Another find is the Dallas Fire Hydrant.  It is authentic and was purchased at a Dallas City Auction years ago.  It’s very heavy.  There are a lot of vintage items in the garage, some nice tools, and even some scarecrow dolls.  There is a folding / portable green picnic table.  We have small step-ladders, a large wet-dry Vacuum (2.5 HP) and a heritage international clock (needs repair).  There are two metal file cabinets.  One is black, and the other is beige.  We have a fridge / freezer, some vintage suit cases, and a wood shipping crate.  We also have a great Hoover Power Drive vacuum that works well.  We have lots of Christmas and craft type items on the rectangle kitchen table with four matching side chairs.  We have a great mirror, small drawer hardware chest, a hose, lots of different types of tote / travel / sports bags.  We have a wood trunk and assorted walkers.  We have a white Maytag Washer and a Kenmore Dryer.  Both are well used, but work ok.  There are assorted chemicals, yard sprays and other garden-related products.  We encourage you to come early and be ready to take a good look in the garage.

   Large Back Patio – features a white iron round table and four matching chairs.  There are also two matching lounge chairs and a matching two-seat glider.  They are all in good condition.  You may want to repaint them and add your own decorative pillows.  We also have six high back Naugahyde chairs in fair to good condition.  We have a single ladder, hanging yard art, and imitation plants.  There is a tall lady statue with urn (heavy).  There are other assorted pieces of furniture and lots of metal art pieces.  We have a great hanging basket chair with stand.  In addition to all the large items, we have lots of yard art.  Of course, we encourage you to come early for the best selection.

We look forward to seeing you at this Sale!


ALL  ITEMS  ARE  SOLD  AS  IS . . . NO  Returns!



*** No  Holding  of  Items ***


First  one  with  the  $$’s  CASH  $$’s  gets  the  Items
If  you break it, you buy it!  -  Thank You!


Due to the amount of breakable items and crowded spaces . . .

when we open each morning we will limit the number of people inside.


Please do not bring large Bags,  Boxes  or oversized  Purses inside.

We provide plastic "browsing baskets" for your convenience.


Please bring your own help to load your purchased items!
Some items must be picked up on Saturday after 12:00 noon.


Please – NO unattended children allowed inside the house.

Porfavor , No Se permiten niños desatendidos dentro de la casa.


We reserve the right to inspect all bags upon exiting.

Nos reservamos el derecho a inspeccionar todas las bolsas al salir.


If an item is not priced, bring it to checkout & make a reasonable offer!

Tear Tags: Pull tags on larger items, pay for the item and it’s yours!
Light Bulbs are Not included with any lamps / fixtures - Thank You!

No EARLY BIRDS – Thank You!

No Holding of Item” – First one with the $$’s (cash) gets the Items . . .

We may limit the number of people inside, so arrive early!

We ask you to leave bags, boxes and large purses outside.

** Please bring your own help to load your purchased items **

Larger items can be picked up on Saturday after 12:00 Noon

Thank You!