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Communities served: Addison, Buckingham, Carrollton, Dallas, Farmers Branch, Garland, Highland Park, Lake Highlands, Lakewood, Murphy, Park Cities, Plano, Preston Hollow, Richardson, Sachse, University Park, and White Rock Lake




Call / Text Donna directly at (972) 679-3100, and Donna will get back to you as soon as she can.



ClutterBlasters is a woman-owned and managed business dedicated to helping you with your estate sale, downsizing sale, or moving sale. We have hundreds of satisfied clients; and we have the appropriate equipment, marketing methods, and staging supplies to help you get the best possible results from your sale.


ClutterBlasters is located in the heart of Dallas, Texas and we specialize in managing estate sales, moving sales, and downsizing sales. We can help liquidate personal property at maximum market value by properly staging your accumulated possessions to get fair prices. We understand that the process of liquidation can be overwhelming.  It impacts the heart and emotions.


ClutterBlasters will help orchestrate the liquidation process for you and your family members in a timely manner. We will conduct a professional sale at a very competitive rate in order to maximize your revenue while being sensitive to your needs. If you require a licensed auctioneer, we have one available on our staff for those special items or final liquidation.


Some of what we do for estate sales, and moving or downsizing sales:

Our sales are paid for by an agreed upon commission when selling your items. The commission rate is set based on the work involved, nature of the items, and time required to prepare for the sale. There is no upfront fee.


ClutterBlasters will consider any sale (large or small) that includes antique, vintage, or current items.  We can also sell cars, boats, motorcycles, RVs, and trailers associated with your estate sale.


We urge you to keep everything until we visit with you (i.e. do not throw anything away)!  It has been our experience that most stuff will sell even if some folks think it is junk!


ClutterBlasters was started in 2001 by Donna Lanners who graduated cum laude from the University of Texas at Dallas.  Her previous work experience spans decades in manufacturing, inventory management, retail and recruitment.  Donna loves to help people and their families.



ClutterBlasters' Client Testimonials:

"We recently moved from our home in Lake Highlands that we had lived in for 36 years and in which we had raised our two children.  After we took the things we could use at our new home, there was still an overwhelming amount of stuff left in our old house in Dallas.  We found Donna through our homeowners’ association, and from day one she took the weight off our shoulders.  She is very experienced and extremely well organized in her approach.  She was prepared to deal with any concerns or worries that we might have had.  We would highly recommend Donna and her team at ClutterBlasters."
 − Bob & Rosemary A., Dallas TX

"When my husband’s father unexpectedly passed away, we drove 1,500 miles to assess the situation at his home in Plano, TX.  I called Donna and met with her to discuss the possibility of having an Estate Sale.  Though I thought the contents in the house were not worth much, Donna assured me it would be worth the effort to have a sale.  My husband and I were very impressed as Donna and her team staged the home, cleaned the rooms, and even fixed the fence in the back yard! Needless to say, when Donna called to tell me how successful the sale was, we were very pleased. We are grateful to Donna and her staff at ClutterBlasters."
 − Katie & Eric S., Bozeman, MT

"Overwhelmed after the loss of both of my parents only three months apart, I was faced with the daunting task of going through their estate.  It’s such a difficult, emotional endeavor; one that easily immobilizes a family.  My daughter found Donna, owner of ClutterBlasters, and arranged a meeting.  Donna was so kind and professional, explaining the process she and her team put into action to ready a home for an estate sale.  After my family identified the belongings that we wanted to keep, Donna and her amazing team went into action. We were so relieved to have such a competent company step in and take charge. We could not be more pleased and grateful to Donna and her team. I would highly recommend Donna and ClutterBlasters. She is a blessing from above."
 − Beverly R., Dallas, TX

"When my dad passed away unexpectedly, I was completely overwhelmed. My husband and I were left to try and figure out what to do with the house, my mother, everything. Finding Donna was a blessing, and the team at ClutterBlasters went above and beyond anything I could have dreamed of. I was dreading trying to clean out my parents’ house, and Donna took away that burden and more. She also made the whole process incredibly easy, although I know how much hard work she put into the estate sale. I cannot recommend ClutterBlasters highly enough. Just knowing there was one less thing (actually many) for me to do made my life easier during what was probably the most difficult period I've ever gone through. Thank you Donna and your team. You took a very rough piece of rock and turned it into a sparkling gem."
 − Melissa J., Dallas, TX

"Donna, we can't thank you enough for the FANTASTIC job that you and your staff did for our sale.  From our first conversation on the phone to the very end, you and your staff were a pleasure to work with.  The detail and organization were mind-blowing.  We have been to many sales but none that impressed us so much when we first walked in after the set up was complete.  Thank you again for a great job!  If you every need a referral, you know how to reach us."
 − Linda & Jim G., Rowlett, TX

"Estate sale completed and hugely successful! Donna Lanners and her Clutter Blasters’ team are superstars at managing estate sales. They are thorough, organized, timely, demonstrate steadfast integrity, and are a delight to work with – simply amazing!"
 − Monica S., Plano, TX

"We were in a hurry to have an estate sale for our mother - mother in law.  We sold the house she had been living in for 50 plus years that had been standing vacant for over three years.  The task of getting the contents of the home liquidated in time for the closing was overwhelming.  Thankfully we found Donna and her team with ClutterBlasters to handle this for us.  It was a huge weight lifted to turn it over to someone we felt was completely qualified for this job.  Donna and her team cleaned and organized the house in such a way that we never could have.  She was able to show its contents in the best way for sales.  Donna and her team are polite and caring, professional, and a pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend her.  Donna has a gift for this work."
 − Ron & Becky W., Richardson, TX

"I moved my mother into a nursing facility and needed to clear out her duplex in a short period of time.  I emailed Donna and explained that my mother had a smaller home with furniture, some antiques, china, and assorted knickknacks that we wished to sell but did not have a lot of leadtime.  She assured me that an estate sale would be doable in the amount of time we had and really set my mind at ease when we met and she previewed the items.  Throughout the process, Donna and her team were upbeat, efficient, and transformed the house into a shopper's delight.  The team was sensitive to the emotions we were dealing with under the circumstances and handled the entire event professionally.  We met the day after the sale, and all items and money was accounted for and dispersed.  We have already given Donna's website and name to several friends for possible sales in the future, and we will continue to recommend ClutterBlasters."
Karen K., Plano, TX

"When we decided to downsize and part with all of our clutter and many of our most treasured possessions, we quickly realized that the job was much too big for us.  I was referred to Donna Lanners and ClutterBlasters by a friend, and contracting with her to take over this enormous task was one of the smartest decisions we ever made.  Donna and her entire crew were simply amazing.  I've never seen people work so hard with such commitment and purpose in my life.  Donna absolutely knows what she is doing - to include preparation, staging, pricing, marketing, crowd management, and finally successful selling and bottom-line results. We are extremely grateful to Donna; she made this experience delightful, interesting, and - most importantly - very easy for us."
Cindy & Randall M., Dallas, TX

"I worked with Donna when my parents needed to quickly downsize their home that they had lived in for 32 years.  I was having a terrible time finding the right company in Dallas who understood my needs and sense of urgency.  Donna came to the rescue and created a perfect plan that suited my timeline and helped her complete another sale.  Her entire team was professional, efficient, courteous, and friendly.  Everything that Donna explained to me regarding the pre-sale, sale, and post-sale work was executed flawlessly.  Not only would I recommend her to my family and friends, I would certainly use Donna in future family estate sales."
Rivka A., Dallas, TX

"We had been planning to move back home for several years now that my children have grown up and the last one is out of school.  'Back home' is about 800 miles away and would not be an inexpensive move with 21 years of dust collectors, impulse buying, children who never throw anything away and use Mamma's house as storage, and my just being a down right shop-a-holic.  My kids promised to help, but that didnà°¡n out.  I found Donna and ClutterBlasters in the church bulletin and knew that God had sent me an Angel!  I went online and was very impressed with her business and the professionalism, quality, love, and care she shows for someone else's prized possessions.  I felt calm and peaceful, no longer anxious about this huge task ahead of me, a single person.  It was great telling people how she was helping me clear away my clutter so that I could get my house ready to sell AND have enough money to help pay moving costs.  Donna is so experienced with moving and how to do it the most efficient and inexpensive way that she gave me great advice and ideas.  I was not able to go away for the preparation and sale, and Donna and her crew were able to work around me still living in the house and sleeping there at night.  Her team of professionals was very impressive in staging all of my belongings to sell.  Donna knows the best place for each piece of furniture for it to look its best.  The sale was great, and the clean-up was beyond my wildest dreams.  I cannot recommend Donna's ClutterBlasters enough.  It is not just for moving either as she knows what to 'retire' and how to make a home beautiful again without the clutter.  I wish she could visit my home at least every ten years just to de-clutter.  What a great friend, very special people, and totally answered prayer!"
Shari D., Richardson, TX

"We never thought the experience of downsizing could be as satisfying as it has turned out to be for us.  We had wanted to organize an estate sale for years, but did not have the first clue about pricing items or advertising, and the thought of managing this on our own was overwhelming.  Donna and her team were exactly what we needed.  Donna outlined the process of having a sale in our first meeting, and we knew that she was the right person to organize and manage this project.  This was confirmed by her professionalism and integrity throughout the process.  We decided what items to put in the sale, and Donna and her team did the rest -- organizing, pricing, staging, and running the sale.  The outcome exceeded our expectations, allowed us to pass on items we were no longer using or that had been in cabinets for years to others for their enjoyment, and to greater appreciate the items we kept.  Two hours after the final day of the sale, all items we did not want and that did not sell were loaded and donated to the food pantry.  We are grateful beyond words at the remarkable work the ClutterBlasters team did on our behalf."
Lila & Lynn B., Murphy, TX

"We Bought an older home with all the contents and had the overwhelming task of cleaning out the previous owner's belongings.  We were impressed that Donna immediately had a plan of action and the experience and resources to handle all of our questions and concerns.  Donna and her ClutterBlasters crew worked tirelessly to clean out, sort, stage, and price everything in the home to prepare for the estate sale.  She knew how to effectively stage and price so we could have a successful sale with a very large quantity and variety of items, many of which we didn't even know were marketable.  She conducted the estate sale exactly as promised and handled every detail with professionalism.  She and her crew were also conscientious of neighbors during the prep work and sale, which was important to us.  Donna had the experience, energy, and resources to tackle this job from start to finish and we were amazed with the result!"
Wendy N., Dallas, TX

"I was moving and leaving behind a house full of furniture and other items.  The last thing I wanted to do in a move was deal with selling and disposing of things at my old house.  I left a key for Donna and her team.  ClutterBlasters organized, priced and sold everything.  The only thing left for me to do was pick up my proceeds after the sale.  ClutterBlasters even had a local charity pick up the few items that didnà³¥ll.  It was a true turnkey service, and I made money too!  Thank you, ClutterBlasters!"
Donna E., Carrollton, TX

"My husband and I found ourselves in a predicament as to how we were going to be able to unload two storage units of stuff that my folks had accumulated and were no longer using -- years of things that were unorganized, poorly packed, and useless to us.  After praying for wisdom, I called a friend who was going through a similar situation.  She referred me to Donna Lanners and ClutterBlasters after having had an excellent experience with them.  I called Donna, who made time for me even though her schedule was already heavy.  One of her other clients had a home with fewer articles for small estate sale and would welcome sharing the space for a grand estate sale that included the stuff from our storage units.  All I did was sign an agreement committing to a fixed percentage of the sale.  Others I had called previously wanted much more.  Donna and her team provided a truck, the movers, all set-up services, and a successful three-day sale.  I have a receipt for my donations, the job was done professionally, and I was given more time to care for ailing parents.  I am thankful for the professional, gracious, and caring efforts of Donna and her team.  I am happy to recommend Donna and ClutterBlasters to anyone who needs estate sale services!"
Stacy K., Dallas, TX

"I am so grateful for Donna and her team of workers!  They were very easy to work with!  Donna made everything clear from the beginning, so we always knew what was happening.  I needed help for my sister who was selling her house and moving to an apartment.  She needed to get rid of a lot of stuff, and getting money for it was a tremendous blessing!  Donna and her team treated my sister with kindness and respect.  It was difficult for my sister to let things go, and they worked patiently with her.  They offered to help us with things that were not even their responsibility!  I highly recommend them.  It was wonderful to know I was working with people who are honest, trustworthy, and would never take advantage of anyone.  Donna and her team were truly a blessing to us!"
Janet R., McKinney, TX

"I admit I did not know what to expect from Donna and her ClutterBlasters crew, but I came away completely satisfied with her Estate Sale services.  Donna and her staff, along with their attention to details and focus on fair pricing plus their incredible organization were awesome!  Our realtor and other friends came in and said the same thing.  Thank you Donna!"
Kenny B., Dallas, TX

"We so appreciate all that Donna did to facilitate and carry out our estate sale.  Donna was wonderful to work with on this, and we know that the new owners appreciate that she also saw to the cleaning of Mom's home before she closed up.  We are thrilled that the piano sold to someone who might give it the love that it once had.  Weå ´hankful for Donna from the bottom of our hearts for being there during this time of need for us, and we will be happy to recommend her to our friends in the future."
Debby M., Diane D., & Dana B., Dallas, TX

"I worked with Donna after my parents passed away leaving a HUGE estate for me to liquidate.  It was overwhelming and emotionally challenging for me to go through everything on my own.  That's when I called Donna, and I have a feeling my parents were in Heaven looking out for me (and their things!) when I was led to her.  She is an angel.  I was so overwhelmed that I didn't even know where to start.  Donna came in with her amazing crew and handled everything with care and sensitivity and amazing speed.  I have wanted to book her for other sales to finish the liquidation (as I mentioned earlier - it was a huge estate), but she is so good that she gets booked up early, so I highly recommend calling her NOW and getting her to help you.  You won't regret it.  She truly is the BEST at what she does and she is a class act on top of that.  I definitely will be using her in the future for many other organizing projects I have planned."
Tina G., Dallas, TX

"Thank goodness for Donna!  We were just going to throw the many clothes, furniture, etc. away.  It was just overwhelming.  Donna went through the entire house, garage, and storage shed.  She sorted, staged the various items, and conducted the sale.  She is very knowledgeable about what to sell and what to discard.  Donna was very easy to work with, and we really appreciate all the hard work that she put into making the estate sale a great success.  We have already recommended her to several people and hope they call her - they won't be sorry!  Thank you again, Donna, for the wonderful service you provide."
Jack, Sharon & Kelly T., Garland, TX

"Amazing!  I just can't believe it!  My mom's house was PACKED FULL of stuff, and I was positive that this was an impossible task for anyone.  I was wrong.  Donna and her crew came through the house, cleaned, organized, priced and busted their butts to get all the stuff sold.  They even changed the light bulbs in the house to give it more of a "retail store" feel.  They removed doors to make traffic flow better and rehung the doors before they left.  Losing a loved one is awful, and having to go through their stuff is like twisting a knife in the wound.  Donna came in and totally took over so that I didn't have to go through that, and I am so thankful for her and her crew.  They were very careful with Mom's things, worked very hard and were all very polite.  I would recommend her and her crew in a HEART BEAT.  Stop reading this, call her right now, and get rid of that clutter!  Thank you Donna!!!!!"
Becky G., Garland, TX

"Donna (ClutterBlasters) is absolutely one of the best phone calls I've ever made. We had an accumulation of 30 years of household items from two sets of parents and childrens' college apartments, and our closets and cabinets were bursting at the seams.  Donna and her professional crew came in and organized it all at our home in a three-car garage and two PODS.  The two-day sale went extremely well.  Donna even arranged to have a worthwhile charity come by to pick up the things that did not sell.  What a pleasure they all were to work with.  My husband said we could have never gotten this accomplished without their help.  We could not be happier with the results.  Don't hesitate  to call Donna.  She is a true professional!"
Cheryl, C., Irving, TX

"I had no idea how much stuff had been collected in 18 years.  All of it was packed into my garage, home and other spaces.  A complete mess until ClutterBlasters showed up.  For days they sorted, arranged and staged my collection of stuff into a beautiful arrangement.  Making my home and garage like a showroom.  I was very pleased with the knowledge (pricing) Donna has regarding the china, glassware, vintage, and antiques. She also does research on items and has a great network of buyers that made my sale a success.  I would not hesitate to call them again.  If you do not use their service and think you can do this yourself, you are making a huge mistake.  When it was finished she will even arranged to have a charity food pantry come and pick up the leftover items."
Steve W., Garland, TX

"Donna Lanners did a fantastic amount of work putting together a moving/down-sizing sale for me in Richardson. An accumulation of things over 40 years needed to be sorted and evaluated and then priced for sale. I had spent a lot of time going through things myself, so I knew what a huge job it was and that the big majority of the job was left for her and her team. I cannot say enough about what a wonderful job Donna did for me, and I recommend her highly. She is thorough and detailed, and I sure am happy that she was recommended to me."
Kathy G., Richardson, TX

"Thanks for your help with our estate sale and with our move. You did a wonderful job displaying and cleaning up all our stuff, and we are grateful for your expertize. We love our new place, and we couldn't have done it without your help."
Doris F., Richardson, TX

"When it came time to 'downsize', we realized how much we had collected in 31 years of marriage, and it seemed over-whelming to us. We contacted Donna, and she and her crew did a wonderful job of organizing, pricing and displaying everything for our estate sale. We left everything to her---took a little three-day vacation---and when we came back not only had a lot of the clutter been sold but equally impressive was the fact that our garage was cleaned up and left in better shape than ever. We could never have achieved the results on our own that Donna did."
Robert & Candy G., Garland, TX

"We needed a last minute estate sale, and Donna really came through for us.  Detail oriented, she is a real pro -- great pricing, promotion, hard worker.  The sale went off without a hitch, and we got top dollar.  Thanks so much."
Stephen L., Dallas, TX

"Donna is a true professional. I have been using her to clear out several rooms and closets in my home and am very pleased with her work.  She is not only hardworking and honest; she also understands her client's needs.  I am very impressed, I even had her come to my office, and she totally "made-over" the space.  Donna has been a Godsend to me and my family.  I consider her a great person and my friend.  Donna continues to work for me on special projects, and I would not hesitate to recommend her."
Marta S., Dallas, TX

"When Donna first came to see me I was overwhelmed by the large task ahead, but she was professional, knowledgeable and most of all reassuring. Donna saw potential when all I saw was junk. Her experience and organizational skills really made a difference in how quickly we were able to get ready for the Estate Sale. I believe that her layout ideas and expertise help to bring in substantially more money than I would have on my own. Thanks again for a job well done! I gladly recommend ClutterBlasters to family and friends."
Cheryl P., Rowlett, TX

"I was privileged to work with Donna from ClutterBlasters when she managed the estate sale for a couple who had lived in a two bedroom/ double garage townhouse for thirty plus years.  Donna organized the huge amount of possessions and advertised and promoted the sale.  Donna is dependable, honest, trustworthy and she worked tirelessly to present the possessions to earn the best possible amount.  ClutterBlasters is the best choice."
Jimmie R., Garland, TX

"Donna is such a blessing.  My husband and I really needed some help and guidance with an estate sale and she was just the person!  She not only walked us through the unfamiliar process but she made it the entire sale successful.  She was very flexible and thoughtful when dealing with extended family members as well.  I am truly appreciative of all her hard work and dedication.  I highly recommend Donna for her services!"
Victoria L., Dallas, TX

"My husband and I feel that we could not have made a better choice for our Estate Sale than ClutterBlasters.  Donna and her team tackled quite a big job with professionalism and compassion.  The proceeds of the sale exceeded our expectations, and ClutterBlasters made a very difficult process much more enjoyable."
Libbey A., Dallas, TX

"Donna was a godsend to me at a difficult time.  A friend who had accumulated years of family items had to move on short notice to a much smaller place, and it was not going to be a happy experience.  Donna came in and made things smooth sailing.  She really helped assess what was worth keeping and what was best for selling, and was able to help my friend with some tough decisions in a kind and loving way.  Donna knows how to motivate and help all kinds of different people, and she is easy to talk to and is down to earth.  She put in a ton of time and energy and made sure that my friend came out of the sale with a wonderful profit and a better outlook on life.  I am blessed to have found her.  She's wonderful to work with!!"
Leanne K., Coppell, TX

"Donna has really been a life-saver for me and my family.  I've had things that needed to be organized with the death of my folks.  It escalated with my son going to college and moving out this past year.  Donna is very professional, educated, and honest and has a delightful personality.  She is very hardworking, dependable and gives 110%.  I know because I have hired a couple of other De-Cluttering and Organizing services.  They didn't meet her high work ethic and standards.  I certainly recommend Donna.  She's truly a dedicated professional and will stand behind each project and make sure that it's completed in a timely manner.  She is also a wonderful person."
Linda H., Plano, TX

"I started working with Donna about eight weeks ago with the goal of cleaning out my attached garages so I could stop renting a second garage.  We were successful in accomplishing this task.  Donna was so helpful and encouraging, which made the whole process much easier.  I will continue to enlist Donna's help periodically as I try to get the rest of my things organized and arranged in a fashion that makes them easier to find.  I have some health issues that make physical work difficult for me, and Donna's hard work and pleasant personality made it possible for me to reach my goal.  I highly recommend Donna!?"
Linda L., Plano, TX

"Donna was extremely helpful in conducting a very successful sale on very short notice.  She was able to quickly grasp the scope of the situation, and she worked tirelessly to organize, price, and advertise items that spanned three generations.  Her knowledge and expertise were invaluable.  On top of this was something that is unfortunately very rare these days - she said what she was going to do and when she was going to do it.  Then she delivered results exceeding our expectations.  I would not hesitate to call on her again, and would highly recommend her to anyone."
Jeff L., Dallas, TX

"I observed Donna Lanners recently in preparation and during an estate sale. It appeared hopeless but this lady worked tirelessly to make it happen.  She works hard and long hours.  She is truly a professional.  She is honest, trustworthy, and dependable and gives 110% effort for a successful sale.  I recommend her highly.  Youì ¢e very pleased with this very pleasant lady and her work."
Lucy P., Richardson, TX

"I am a handicapped senior who was looking for someone to help me organize a move.  I called Donna and was pleased with the services she had to offer.  We set a date for her to start helping me with this great task.  She did all the work; going through boxes and boxes of things helping me to decide what to throw away or give away, and what to keep.  She repacked all the things I kept, numbered the boxes and wrote on each box what it contained.  She organized the way they should be packed and even organized how to stack the boxes for shipping.  She worked in a garage when it was cold weather too.  She was absolutely wonderful.  Not only is she a true professional but she is a very honest person; someone you can really trust to do what is right.  She had many good ideas as to how to get all the things accomplished that I wanted done.  Try her services, and I know you will have hired a true professional who knows how to get things accomplished and will grow to trust her as a wonderful friend.  I believe this happens because of her personality and because she gives 100% while working for you."
Bettie M., Mesquite , TX

"Donna is dependable, honest, and thorough.  I recommend her without reservation.  She is a great De-Clutterer and Organizer."
Linda N., Richardson, TX

"I had an enormous undertaking ahead of me with a home full of three generations of stuff that was exploding at the seams and a garage that was totally overflowing.  I faced a hard deadline for when I had to have the entire home and garage empty.  I was totally stressed.  Then I found Donna, and she assured me that she would bring this enormous task to completion on time.  We worked on cleaning, sorting, organizing and finally staging for the sale.  After that, Donna prepared an extensive inventory list and began an on-line advertising campaign.  I am convinced beyond any doubt that without Donna and her ClutterBlasters team, I would have never achieved what I needed to.  She not only did everything that needed to be done; she did it in a way that exceeded my expectations and those of my family and friends. I highly recommend Donna and her company ClutterBlasters when you are in need of an Estate Sale.  Donna is dependable, honest, and thorough.  I recommend her without reservation.  She is a great De-Clutterer and Organizer."
Annie C., Dallas, TX

"After years of accumulation, personal life changes and becoming an empty nester, I needed help.  I contacted Donna, and together we decided to have a downsizing garage sale.  We started by cleaning out the garage and began staging that for the sale.  We continued working on the house and closets.  We moved stuff from the backyard to the garage area and brought down stuff out of the attic, which brought me enormous relief.  During the sale we even sold a boat that was just sitting there for years.  The downsizing garage sale was a big success, and I am grateful for the new space that I have.  If it wasnযr Donna I would have never accomplished what I needed to do."
Traci H., Dallas, TX

"When I contacted Donna, I explained that I was moving out of state and that I also was a hoarder.  I also am an adult with A.D.D so I need to be reminded to focus.  I really needed to have a downsizing sale so that I could afford to move.  We started by de-cluttering, organizing and cleaning. When I needed hand-holding due to most of my stuff needing to be sold Donna was there for me.  Without Donna and her vision and detailed planning I know that I would have not been able to accomplish this task.  She advertised the sale, and promoted my home which was also for sale.  The downsizing and moving sale was a huge success.  The sale also helped my home to be sold.  I am very grateful for Donna and highly recommend her services."
Audeen B., Irving, TX


Estate Sale Customer, Shopper Feedback:

"Donna, I want to thank you for being so gracious to my husband and me at your estate sale this weekend.  We enjoy coming to your sales, and David is very happy with the gold coin he purchased from you. Everyone on your team is always so polite; and we really appreciate that.  We're looking forward to your next sale. Thanks."
 − Linda and David T., Dallas, TX

"Out of all the estate sales I've ever been to, yours was by far the most well-organized, friendliest, and enjoyable!   And, I think your prices were the most reasonable as well!  Can't wait for your next one!  Please add me to your email list."
 − Lori O., Dallas, TX

"Miss Donna, I just saw your Craigslist post. I wanted to compliment you and your employees on offering a service that is needed by so many people. Both my grandmothers died several years ago, and my sister and I "clutterblasted" on a large scale for both. They were large old homes and outbuildings, 70 to 80 years of accumulation, and so many collectibles, etc. It was absolutely heart-wrenching, tiring, and we both were teary-eyed the whole time. Then we cleaned out the houses to be sold. It never occurred to us to find a company to help us. We really did not know it was out there to be had. Anyway, great job of organization where people can easily shop. Pictures are so helpful. We are going to try to get to your Garland sale Saturday before noon."
Grandmom Tammie., Dallas, TX

ClutterBlasters - Estate Sales Help When You Need It . . . (972) 679-3100

Our specialties include:

* Estate Sales, Moving & Downsizing Sales  - We stage, sort, price, & sell your items.

* Clean Out Your House, Garage, Shed, and/or Storage Units

* Sell Your Unwanted Stuff, Free Up Space, and Get Cash . . . What a GREAT Deal!

* Downsizing & Moving Consultation.  Moving-In or Moving-Out?  Have a Sale!

* We Help you Organize and De-Clutter your Home for your Estate Sale!

We have a Licensed Texas Auctioneer available on Staff.

* We Save you Time and Money by Helping you keep costs as low as possible . . .

* Our helpers have attended college, are over the age of 50, and are dedicated to helping you.


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Contact:  Donna Lanners  Founder, Owner and President